Oro K124

Modular seating with sophisticated design


Our ORO collection is a modular seating with sophisticated design. There is nice different modular parts – left, right, round, oval, with or without backrest…and they all fit together as puzzle and create different sets in a shape of letter U, L, I or Z. Each set can be one-color or multi-color combined. Metal frame has comfortable upholstered seat and backrest. Welded edges on the metal frame are hand-brushed. Different parts of the set can be attached together with a plastic buckle. Waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, offices or modern restaurants can be furnished with complete sets or separate parts. Also, chairs, bar stools and tables belong to the collection ORO.

Design: Katarína Neveďalová

Additional information


Oro K124-1, -3: 700 x 640 x 640, 15kg
Oro K124-2: 700 x 745 x 640, 15kg
Oro K124-4: 700 x 640 x 640, 12.5kg
Oro K124-5, -3: 700 x 875 x 640, 16kg
Oro K124-6, -3: 700 x 810 x 640, 15kg
Oro K124-1-T, -3: 700 x 600 x 600, 7.7kg
Oro K124-2-T, -3: 700 x 745 x 640, 12kg
Oro K124-5-T, -3: 700 x 875 x 600, 12.5kg
Oro K124-6-T, -3: 700 x 810 x 600, 12kg