For table tops and booth bases

HPL decors 1

Table tops and wooden bases of the booths as well as some custom products /bar counters, shelves, wardrobes, beds/ can be produced out of HPL boards. Laminated boards are easy to clean and easy to take care of. We offer standard mat HPL boards /beech, cherry, oak, black, walnut and other decors/ and shiny HPL boards /black, white, red, and other colors/. Below you can see basic decors /color of the material can vary from the one shown on your desktop/.

HPL white
HPL ivory
HPL maple 1738
HPL pine tree 1770
HPL beech 1796 rustikal
HPL beech 876
HPL beech 04
HPL beech 381
HPL alder 3
HPL oak 16
HPL calvados 1792
HPL cherry 5
HPL kalvados 11
HPL rustikal 9
HPL walnut 6 frank
HPL walnut 729
HPL walnut 8953 tiepolo
HPL makasar 10
HPL black 7

Stained wood

Wooden parts of our products can have different finish. We offer beech, cherry, oak, white, black, and different shades of brown finish. Each piece of wood can look differently with the same stain, because of its natural structure, minor color deviations or change of texture. We can use custom shades of stain. Below you can see our basic collection of wooden stain on beech plywood /color of the material can vary from the one shown on your desktop/.

Wood stain F0
Wood stain F1 natural
Wood stain F2 adler
Wood stain F3
Wood stain F3/4
Wood stain F4 walnut
Wood stain F6
Wood stain F61 cherry
Wood stain F7
Wood stain F8/9 mahagony
Wood stain F11 black

Upholstery materials

INGA vinyl

Chose from different types of upholstery materials. We have a wide selection of mat, shiny and glittery vinyls typical for American 50s era. We also produce upholstery in fabrics or custom materials. Colors of the material can vary from the one shown on your desktop.

High quality leatherette suitable for heavy-duty environment like bars, coffees and restaurants /120 000 Martindale/. Its surface structure has little wrinkles.

INGA 12 white
INGA 02 yellow
INGA 16 orange
INGA 02 beige
INGA 07 oker
INGA 10 terra
INGA 01 red
INGA 13 bordo
INGA 03 khaki
INGA 05 brown
INGA 09 pistacia
INGA 18 apple
INGA 17 dark green
INGA 14 cobalt
INGA 06 blue
INGA 16 grafit
INGA 04 black

GAZEBO vinyl

GAZEBO is a high quality artificial leather suitable for heavy-duty environment like bars, coffees and restaurants. Its surface finish reminds of leather surface. It is fire-proof / BS 5852, BS 7176“1995, UNI ISO 3795, M2, etc./.

GAZEBO white 6
GAZEBO beige 151
GAZEBO sandy 1110
GAZEBO mustard yellow 71
GAZEBO orange 717
GAZEBO bright red 680
GAZEBO wine red 726
GAZEBO chocolate brown 1305
GAZEBO mint 1830
GAZEBO green 1809
GAZEBO sky blue 4979
GAZEBO blue 1915
GAZEBO dark blue 4981
GAZEBO light grey 4008
GAZEBO grey 4009
GAZEBO dark grey 1984
GAZEBO black 991

Metal finish

Metal parts of our products can have chromed or powder coated finish. We have in stock the following powder coating shades and colors: black (RAL 9005), silver (RAL 9006), white (RAL 9003), red (RAL 3020), green (RAL 6029), blue (RAL 5005), gray (RAL 9006), brown (RAL 8011), antique copper, orange and gold. We can order different shades of powder coating according to the RAL scale upon your request. Please, calculate with a price increase depending on the quantity of products ordered. Colors of the material can vary from the one shown on your desktop.

Metal finish CHROME
Metal finish Golden powder coating
Metal finish RAL 9003
Metal finish RAL 2008
Metal finish RAL 3020
Metal finish RAL 5005
Metal finish RAL 6029
Metal finish RAL 9006
Metal finish RAL 8011
Metal finish RAL antique copper
Metal finish RAL 9005