Natalia L802

Our solid wood bench Natalia has a strong solid beech wood frame and comfortable elegant upholstery.

It is suitable for heavy duty areas such as restaurant, hotels and marine interiors. We offer a complete range of Natalia, such as 2-seater and 3-seater and an armchair.


We offer our solid wood bench Natalia as a 2-seater or 3-seater, and as an armchair. Natalia L802 is a 2-seater bench.

It is bench suitable for heavy duty interiors like restaurants, hotels, marine interiors and other similar areas. It is very elegant and durable wooden bench with comfortable seat and modern design.

It has solid beech wooden frame with extra support on the back.  Extra support makes a nice design detail of the product. You can chose finish of the solid wood parts, it can be in natural lacquer or stained /black, wenge, walnut, brown and other/.

Upholstery is all over the backrest and arms. You can choose upholstery style, material and color to have a product you like.

Click here to view materials and colors we offer in our basic offer, or ask for more options.

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730 x 1150 x 630