Ester L503

Elegant, popular and not heavy sofa


Very popular sofa for offices or hotels. Double-tube leg gives it an elegant look. Seat and backrest are as a whole and are fancied with buttons. Wooden armrests are upholstered in the same material as the seating. Bottom part of seating is upholstered in black or natural canvas. Armchair Ester K403, triple-seat Ester L503 and stool K403-T complete the set. Conference or coffee table Viconte S223 fits the ESTER set.

Design: Dušan Neveďal

Additional information


Ester L503-II double-seat: 770 x 1200 x 680, 19kg
Ester L503-III triple-seat: 770 x 1660 x 680, 26kg